02 January 2012

Delfort: 3. The Royal Chambers

Now that Christmas, Hannukah, New Year's et al. are over, it's time to get back to the continuing tale of Delfort, Prince of Darscinnia. Read from the beginning here.

Previous canto: "The Feast"

Canto Three.

Prince Delfort
by Kevin F. Story
She took a deep breath and sighed a huge sigh when it was all over, whichever one it was. The prince was sprawled out on his royal mattress absolutely astounded over what had transpired. His head felt even lighter than before, yet he could not bring himself to lift it. Never before had he felt this way, for, indeed, never before had all this happened in his life.

Clara and Jaclynne whispered to each other excitedly somewhere in the room, but Delfort neither cared nor listened. He revelled in his own world, in his head, reliving the moments where those two wonderful young things showed him what being a prince was all about. How had he gone so long without knowing, stuck in a dank palace for so many years without the gentle touch of a young lass? without so much as a glimpse of female beauty? The closest he ever came to simply seeing a girl was a single tapestry in the great hall of Pilvar-upon-Weedlewhicke, where a knight was giving some fair maiden a rose, or taking a rose from her, depending on your point of view. He remembered staring at that tapestry through many feasts in the great hall, just wishing a real maiden would make herself known to him.

Hands on his face and body brought Delfort back to reality. Opening his eyes, the lovely visages of those two wonderful sirens hovered there above him.

Clara spoke. “Enjoyable, my lord?”

Delfort tried to speak but could not.

Jaclynne glanced at Clara with a gleaming smile.

Delfort looked at both of them. He wanted to hold them both in his arms and tell them how much he appreciated everything they had done for him—to him. He tried to get just a feel of one of them, but he could not. He could not move his hands. They seemed to be stuck. Or tied.

“Mmm mmnf,” said Delfort, his mouth full of fabric.

Clara kissed Jaclynne's cheek. “You can go first, Jaclynne, since it's your first time and all. Oh, look! He's ready.”

Even though he was tied down and gagged, Delfort smiled and let it all happen. It's good to be the prince, he thought.


Prince Delfort's journey continues next time in "The Morning After"...

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