27 December 2018

Darn me

Ignite the air around me

          I can't breathe

Vapors sweet and

          Head is floating but
Body is heavy

               Leave me on this earth
Like a worn out sock
     Stretched beyond my limit

(w)Hol(e)y in the wrong ways

          Feet in
                    Toes our
Ankle hairs itching


I embrace the love that once was
In order to love again

26 December 2018


What we share
the rain     the air
the way the wind goes dancing through your hair

the doubt     the fear
the feeling when you're near
the sound of heartbeats pounding in your ear

the rainy day
the pain    delayed
the hate that anyone might feel betrayed

the smell of time
the sense of wine
the way it feels to call somebody mine.

(22 Aug 18)