27 October 2013

A long vacation

The water is bluer there
Where the air is filled with mango juice.
We dipped our souls in Caribbean sands
Like fountain pens soaking up ink.
I took her hand and we drifted out to sea
Never to be
The same.

26 October 2013

he looked outside the door to find

he looked outside the door to find
he'd lost his mind
when it went he did not know
it had to go
where it went is even stranger
he hoped it was in no true danger
for the world is wide from where his mind once stood
being lost forever wouldn't come to any good
he looked again outside to find
he'd lost his lost his mind

The Magician

Yes, I have tricks in my pocket;
Yes, I can make things disappear.
Can I borrow your gold locket?
No, have no fear.
I may have tricks in my pocket,
But your locket
Will be safe in here.

Yes, I have something up my sleeve;
Yes, I can slip things out of sight.
All you must do is believe—
No, have no fright.
I may have things up my sleeve,
But believe
And it will come out all right.


02 October 2013

Fun or Fur?

These days
I am speaking in hyperboles and clich├ęs
Much to my dismay.
Is it to want to put these drugs into my veins
Or to hold my gains?
I can
Remind myself that I am merely a human,
Simply lost again.
Lost her,
Or has she stayed with me and only gone to blur?
Is it fun or fur?