30 April 2014


Start running when you wake up
Not to make up for lost time, but to
Get a jump on the time that is now.
The time you've lost
Is the cost of admission.
No permission is needed, just be prepared to ask for
Live necessarily, out of necessity.
Find breathlessity.
Your moments become vivider.
Live less livider.
Contentment is less bentment,
But get bent when it's
Meant for good.
You're in charge of that, it's understood.
Live life to the fullest, but
Don't be the foolest.
Yes, sometimes you'll be the elf;
No mess unmesses itself.
The penny you save might mean
The day you don't shave.
It could get worse, but
The universe has got you
Even when you've not.

15 April 2014

Stopped time

I said that I had a wandering faith
That weekday night we closed the bar and
Accidentally went on that date together.
At some point you said you wanted to marry a Jew.
Am I close enough? I wondered to myself as we
Sipped our whisky, yours Irish and mine American.
Your faith wanders, too, you said.
I thought we might wander together a while, but
You had other plans.

13 April 2014


Is love meant to be?
What are we waiting to see?
How does a moment become an eternity?
And who gets to choose?
Is there something to lose?
What is fantasy? What is reality?
Are there ways to escape from insane?
Will the questions give something to gain,
Or will the answers just lead to more rain?