20 October 2016


What is there to argue?
You already think you've won.
No sense in wasting breath,
Except you won't stop your bulldozer,
And you seem to be mistaken
On the definition of consent.

Why do you need to argue?
You already know you're right,
Although your statements are untrue
And your morals don't seem good.
Are you hearing what the world is saying?
Are you open to some change?

It's said to “be the change you want to see.”
Is what you want to see just more disharmony?

26 April 2016

Cold Pint

Eggs and cream frozen into confection
Eliciting confession in flavored bliss
Mint presents cool but not that fake green kind
Which lies and says that anything green must be good

The mint is balanced by the crunch of
Feeling a bit forbidden
Perhaps even salty amongst the sugary sweet
The frozen feast

I am eaten in one directly from the container
Forcing warm tear-covered hands to ice over
Providing comfort where others have failed

Perhaps I can be their one true friend

23 April 2016

Scene on a Set of Stairs

She in her red dress.
She in her black top.
She and she sharing space and

She with her energy.
She with her strength.
She and she in each other and
The world.

She in her insecurity.
She in her apology.
She and she politely living and
In love.

12 February 2016


We washed and dried the last full load
As night washed out the day.
Our silence felt like warmth between
The walls of green and grey.
We danced there once among the stars,
Two fire lights at play.
Between the curtains, books, and keys,
None knew you would betray.

These longed-for nights of quiet bliss,
The moonlight on the bay,
The shelves I built and gave to you,
The candles in the tray,
The hopeful days before the storm
That caused you once to stray—
All these things could not have known
That you would walk away.

How could that silence feel so right
When all we knew would fray?
You strayed again and more again
Until you would not stay.
You snuffed the flames that fed our love.
Was that the only way?
How could we dance then? How could we
Have nothing left to say?