23 November 2011


One myth defeats itself
Lithographs through Vaseline lenses
Lending pretense to this sprawling shell
Yelling proudly about its merits
When reality is bleaker
On Sunset, on Vine
Originality it has, but it's not

18 November 2011

Are you there?

Mother Earth, can you hear me?
It's been so long.
You are cold, lifeless in places.
Mother Earth, can you feel me?
These trees are not what they were.
Your rivers are cold, lifeless in places.
Mother Earth, can you save me?
The cars and scrapers and slaughterhouses empty me.
They bring the cold, the lifelessness in your places.
Mother Earth, can I touch you?
I know God is in there somewhere.
He's hiding from the billions—cold, lifeless as they are.
Mother Earth, can I help you?
It's too much, too big a project.
But I want to warm, to bring life.
Mother Earth, I am so sorry.
So sorry that my peers and predecessors have treated you poorly.
I weep over your coldness, your lifelessness.
I become cold and lifeless in your absence.
Mother Earth, can you save me?
Maybe we can save each other.
Mother Earth?
Are you anywhere?