11 November 2010

i feel like i might blow away from up there...

from that height he blew away
he flew away into the day
tumbled loudly through the clouds
through the damp fluffiness
the sun a lamp through nothingness
humbling him
an earth's worth of people laughing
his gaffe, himself, projected through the sky
o, to be firmly rooted like trees and truths
to have foundation and a roof covering no more than four or five stories
than be here in this naked whirlwind glory

or on the bottom gory
as this no doubt would end
to be picked up by passing airplane
would be nice
or to have god's hand stretched out to help him
the wretch

he cried there in those worldly heavens

instead the ground rose soft beneath his head
he was in bed

09 November 2010

(no subject)

there's so much static in the universe, it's hard to tell sometimes if we've made a connection or we're just shouting at the stars.

diner poem

“A clean, well-lighted place”
A place to hang my face for a while
To hang my fake smile with my coat and hat
Keep the coffee coming and
Running to my shattered nerve
Scrambled mind with toast
Battered with home fries and missed connections
At this counter's confessional
Say two sausage links and more coffee and some
Sour orange liquid stinging the scars
Acerbic and ascorbic in discourse
Until the conversation is over
The plate empty with crumpled napkins and bits of truth
Time to leave this place
To take back up my coat with my up-turned pretense and
Leave some tip

[march-april-may 2010]

05 November 2010

photos from rehearsal

brought my camera to rehearsal yesterday. here are my favourite shots.

The Want child.

Scrooge at his desk, shot through the spiral staircase.

A child at Fezziwig's party.

One of the windows on set.

The Cratchit family at Christmas dinner.

Tiny Tim's crutch by the fireplace.

The young debtor on Christmas morning.

01 November 2010

ballot measure

voice your vote in voting noting the devoted to their posts and past failures corrected some rejected and dejected we some toil

to change this age an alteration of mindset of headset the phones in stereo broadcasting the last thing and the next and the next overflowing with uselessness must silence to focus to progress

then there's violence the death around it surrounds and confounds

then there's poverty the poor outdoors and in unforgiving the bloated gloaters with gleaming golden gilding their gods

then there's ignorance the children behind the kids left bereft of rights to knowledge on the window ledge perched high above the bars and rubrics out of reach they're struck dumb and dumbstruck dumbly and thus the generations become dumber til the silence deafens

so many without and so few within

voice your vote - real change begin