30 October 2015

Electric Blue

The electric-blue-haired goddess smiled yellow sunbeams down,
Down on wherever she looked: on
The ruddy-bearded men in cloth hats,
Tirelessly working; on
The fair and dark children in summer dresses and overalls,
Fearlessly laughing; on
The mothers and fathers leaning on tree trunks,
Whispering, knowing; on
The young lovers tripping through the forest paths,
Breathless, gay; on
The grey-headed elders with their canes and candies,
Humming, waiting.
All these, she smiled on, giving blessing to thought and comfort to pain,
Granting wishes and hoping for change,
Singing silently and praying earnestly.
All these she smiled to, she lifted up beyond the heavens,
Where human minds only hope to wander.
All these she lifted up in joy and harmony,
Electric-blue hair, and love.