19 January 2012

M'lady's Books

She sees the world a-color
In contrasting, vibrant hues;
She hears the words, the whispers,
Some conversation, clues;
In common time, she loves to rhyme,
To wordsmith, and to muse;
The characters breathe life,
But the plot she must refuse.

She cares not what the people did,
But why things came to be;
Be damned the timeline or the news,
For motive is the key;
And dialogue is for the dogs;
Just tell her what they see.
So, give her not a novel;
Instead, a character study.

1 comment:

  1. Reminds me of me. But how could that be? I fancy to meet this fine soul you call "she". I'm longing for word games and colorful hues, applied through the day to whatever we choose. So if you should see her, please send her my way; but meantime enjoy all her colors and play.