02 April 2012

Delfort: 14. Escape! (Part Two!)

This is the next installment of the adventures of young Delfort, Prince of Darscinnia. To start from the beginning, read canto one.

Previous canto: "Escape! (Maybe!)"

Canto Fourteen

Prince Delfort
by Kevin F. Story
The room into which James and Prince Delfort struggled was a bedroom not unlike the one in which the prince had awoken earlier. However, the time for looking around was not now, as Delfort was attempting to divest his enslaved friend of his knickers.

“Hold still,” said the prince.

James said nothing as he gripped the waistband and pushed at Delfort. They tossed about on the floor, bumping into furniture and knocking into walls. At one point, Delfort lost his grip and James scampered towards the door, but the prince grabbed the leg of his pants pants, sending James' head into the floor with great speed.

“Whoops. James?”

James did nothing.

Prince Delfort sighed and stripped his friend of his pants and collar. He rolled James over and checked to make sure he was alive. He was.

Delfort leaned back on the bedpost, catching his breath.

“What—oh, my!”

Delfort stood at once. Standing before him was a very surprised, shockingly beautiful—


Clara glowed in Delfort's mind. Her face was pale, powdered, gorgeous. Her hair was curled and captivating. Delfort felt himself under a different spell, perhaps in a dream. Clara turned her surprise into a smile.

“My lord.”

She curtsied low, gripping the skirts of a majestic gown that seemed to sparkle with its own luminescence. Then she glanced at the unclothed, unconscious young man on the floor.

“Is he all right?”

Delfort nodded, dropping the black knickers to the floor.

“Has my lord, er, decided to seek the company of men?” Clara asked.

“What? Oh, no! Not at all.”

“Good.” Clara moved to a vanity and began removing her jewellery. “Did you know this was my room?”

Delfort joined her, mostly to get away from James' naked body. “No. You are staying here?”

Clara gave Delfort a mysterious smile. “Yes. For now.” She removed her shoes and set them aside.

“Look, Clara. I have been looking for you.”

“Have you?” She began untying her gown.

“Yes. I believe you have something of mine, and I desperately need it.”

“Do you?” She looked at James. “How long do you think he will be out?”

“Maybe an hour?”

“Good,” said Clara. Then she kissed him in such a way that the blood rushed out of his feet and hands. Then she let her gown fall to the floor. Then the prince remembered why he liked Clara so much.


Prince Delfort's adventures will continue next time in "Getting the Seal"....

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