19 March 2012

Delfort: 13. Escape! (Maybe!)

This is the next installment of the adventures of young Delfort, Prince of Darscinnia. To start from the beginning, read canto one.

Previous canto: "Beautiful Distraction"  

Canto Thirteen

Prince Delfort
by Kevin F. Story
Prince Delfort tried everything he could think of to break James' silence. He remembered that sometimes a conjurer would come to Pilvar and entertain by entrancing the servants and, when the trick was worn, snapping his fingers to restore normalcy. Delfort snapped his fingers to no effect. He also tried shouting at James, putting a foot out to trip him, flicking his cheeks, and twisting his hair. Still James maintained his smooth silence as they walked downstairs and through the warm halls. It became clear to Delfort that James was under some sort of enchantment.

It also became clear to Delfort that this house was much larger than it had appeared on the outside. The hallways and doors seemed infinite, twisting, confusingly everyplace. While it felt like the rooms were full of people, and occasionally Delfort would swear he heard a giggle or whispers from around the bend, they crossed no one on their way to wherever James was headed. Delfort did not feel much like going wherever that was. He decided to stop.

James also stopped and looked back at Delfort. He gestured down the hall. Delfort shook his head. James gestured again. Delfort shook his head again. James dropped his arm and waited.

It occurred to Delfort that, perhaps, the collar James wore was responsible for his condition. It was smooth and black. Yes, Delfort thought, it has to be magical. Swiftly, his hand grabbed the collar and pulled it away with ease, long before James could stop it. He saw an unquantifiable change in James' expression.

“Please, give it back,” James said, stretching his hand out.

“What?” Delfort was confused.

“Please, sir.” Apparently the collar only kept the voice at bay.

“James. It's me. Come now, we need to get out of here.”


Something else kept James under its control. Delfort looked to the only thing he still wore—those puffy black knickers. Delfort sighed and handed the collar back, which James reaffixed to himself. For a moment, nothing happened.

It was all about to get interesting.

“Sorry for this, friend,” said the prince. He flew at and wrestled a mute James through the nearest door in order to relieve him of his pants.

It was all about to get very interesting, indeed.


Prince Delfort's journey continues next time in "Escape! (Part Two!)"....

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