26 August 2010

midnight blues

i don't live in rocky point anymore, but tonight this poem i wrote back in january popped into my head. thought i'd share.
A Night in Rocky Point

Couched in suburban anonymity
Through the night's chill
A cooler cat honks his way
Through Parker's land of birds
Feathery music tripping against the stars
Bars of melody
          of soul
A human wind
Briskly blowing into the ears
Hearing blues and reds and greens
Medicine much needed
to warm this aching heart

Far off in France the
Melody sways
Chassés in the ev'ning
But here it's free
It's dance unmetered
But the rhythm's there
In the freezing air
An aire on the heir of the blues
Thrills to fill this night
Music lifting sunken souls
to flight

31 Jan 10

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