25 February 2011

steal this song

i wrote this song with the intent that it be stolen. well, hopefully not stolen out of malice or greed. (i doubt that's happening here.) with so much unrest and stuff in the world today, i hope folks will learn this song their own way and post their own versions of it and share it with their friends. it's all about spreading the message of PEACE and LOVE, and proclaiming our basic rights to FREEDOM and CHOICE. (if you're one of those folks who "steals" this song, let me know!)

i turned 26 last week, a feat i never thought imaginable. but it does make one wonder about what one is doing with one's life. i recall hearing that Neil Young was upset people of my generation weren't doing anything, making music about what was going on in Afghanistan & Iraq; well, here's to hopin' we can start a fire. or something.

by Kevin Story
(c) 25 Feb 2011

1. Everybody wants peace
So peace is our song
Sing a song of peace right now
You know it can't be wrong (2x)

Guns, hate, prison state
Take 'em away
Take 'em away for a brighter day
Peace, love, freedom, choice
Raise up your voice
Raise up your voice
Raise up your voice!

2. Everybody wants love...
3. Everybody wants freedom...
4. Everybody wants choice...
5. Everybody wants peace...

G C | G C | G C | G C | F   | C   | G C | G   |

D   | C   | G C | G C | D   | C   | C   | F Bb | F Bb | F Bb | F Bb | G C | G C | G C | G   |


  1. also, special thanks to my brother alex who suggested i change my guitar strings. i feel a lot better about life now (hence the song).

  2. I really enjoyed your music - a wonderfully crisp voice. This song illustrates exactly what the world needs right now. Protest, violence and general unrest seems to be the theme of far too many news bulletins.

  3. (1) thank you for your feedback. (2) seriously, there's not a lot of "love your neighbour" going on in the world today, and it needs mending. if we all just took a moment to really think about what's going on, maybe there would be less strife in the world. (3) are you seriously only 14? you are a very well-spoken, well-written young man. best of luck to you! (and i'll be following you as i hope you will me.)

  4. (1,3) You absolutely just made my day.

    (2) I do agree, but I'm still not sure what to make of the poverty and obvious affluence discrepancy between countries of today. What I do think is that people get discouraged to help with regard to issues such as poverty, famine and disaster around the world because they're issues so much bigger than ourselves.

    I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, where we've had a turbulent 6 months a terrible week with recurrent earthquakes. What I've seen, though, is how much well co-ordinated co-operation can make small work of big issues. A student army of 15,000 locals has made light work of liquefaction (silt and sand erupting from the ground) and the urgency has seen assistance come fast and heavy from all over the place.

    I'm being a bit vague here, but people require a certain level of emotional incentive to offer their help. In an earthquake, people see the pictures and make their pledge, but famine for example is so progressive and improves at a slow rate. Maybe if we could somehow replicate the sort of first-world response to disasters and encourage people to help for greater 'emotional incentive' we would see more productivity. Then again, there are always political tyrants and difficult international relations standing in the way of public support.

    Well, there's a few thoughts off my chest anyway. And consider yourself followed.


  5. I'm so glad I made myself sit down and listen. Great job Kevin!

  6. I'm so proud of you! The song is beautiful