13 February 2012

Delfort: 9. Silence of the Woods

This is the next installment of the adventures of young Delfort, Prince of Darscinnia. To start from the beginning, read canto one.

Previous canto: "To Catch a Thief" 

Canto Nine

Prince Delfort
by Kevin F. Story
The sun dipped low behind the trees by the time they reached another building, any building. The woods through which they traversed were unnaturally silent, though the occasional hawk would make itself known, screeching loudly for miles. Many times along the journey had Delfort wondered if they could be close, if Vaslegas lay just beyond the next bend, and why the driver seemed to be taking the path so slowly. Finally, a half-day's journey had at least brought them to a place where they could conceivably spend the night, and where someone might be able to tell them how far they were from Vaslegas.

The driver seemed to have something else in mind, and the carriage slowly passed the house. Delfort poked his head out.

“Excuse me, driver? Could we stop here the night?”

The driver was silent. The carriage continued.



James leaned his head out the other window. “Whoa!” he bellowed.

The carriage stopped. Delfort thanked James with a nod, after which they got out to have a talk with the driver, who was fast asleep. James found a long stick and poked the driver to rouse him, which took three attempts.

“Eh?” yawned the driver.

“We shall be stopping here the night,” said the prince.

“Eh,” nodded the driver.

“Right.” With that, Delfort and James approached the building, a small house of timber and pitch. They knocked and were easily admitted.

“Have fun,” said the driver.

He looked around the silent woods. Getting dark, he thought. His mind felt like sheep's wool: soft and fluffy, but with specks of this and that in it, and smelling faintly of animal.

The horse interjected something by way of blowing air through her nostrils.

“Eh, old girl?” asked the driver.

The horse slowly stepped forward.

“Ah, fine.” The driver's eyelids were heavy. He yawned. “I wonder what's over there, too.”

Thus, they rode off together into the fading light.


Prince Delfort's adventure continues next time in "Gold, Glory, and Goddesses"...

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