27 February 2012

Delfort: 11. Where?

This is the next installment of the adventures of young Delfort, Prince of Darscinnia. To start from the beginning, read canto one.

Previous canto: "Gold, Glory, and Goddesses" 

Canto Eleven

Prince Delfort
by Kevin F. Story
When Prince Delfort awoke, he was bound. He felt strangely that it was not to be as fun as it had been with Clara and Jacklynne. What had happened? he wondered. The room was dark, but light glowed steadily from under a door somewhere, and Delfort came to realise he was in a small bedchamber. He remembered the Madam, her fragrant form shifting this and asserting there. She came close to him, her big blue eyes shouting at him. Then, nothing. Fantastic dreams.

Giggling voices passed the door. Normally, this would have charmed the prince into other fantastic dreams, but he was preoccupied. Where was James? he puzzled. And what was this odd place in which they found themselves?

The door opened, and light poured into the room. The Madam stood before him in her stunning blue dress, lighting several candles and fussing with the curtains.

“Ah, awake now? Good,” she said, coming bedside. “I am sorry about your sudden illness. We thought it best to put you up here until you were better.”


“Yes, my boy,” said the Madam, her eyes leaning over her glasses. “One moment we were having a nice chat, the next you were in a heap on my parlour chaise.”

Her soft hand caressed his face.

“Why,” asked Delfort, “are my hands tied?”

“A precaution. In case you awoke violently.”

“Ah. And James?”

The Madam pressed her lips together. “I have given your friend another chamber. I thought that would be more comfortable, yes?”

“Yes, fine.”

The Madam smiled. “Good.” She turned to the door.

“Wait! Will you untie my hands?”

“Not yet! We have not been able to welcome you properly.”

Now she opened the door and snapped twice into the hall. Almost immediately, two young beauties entered the room. They were dressed head to toe in pink dresses that were not so much dresses as they were just layers of veil-like material. Delfort raised his eyebrows.

“This is Miranda and this is Colette. I hope you enjoy your stay!” Once again, the Madam tried to leave.

“Wait! Where am I?”

“Where do you want to be, young man?”

Delfort tried hard to fight distraction. “Vaslegas. I'm going to Vaslegas.”

“Don't you know? You're already here. Vaslegas! Now, enjoy your stay.” Then she left.

Miranda and Colette quietly approached the prince from either side. Suddenly, Delfort felt like he would not mind being tied after all.


Prince Delfort's adventure will continue next time in "Beautiful Distraction"...

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