01 September 2010

The Play

On the stage the pages play the day to night till frightfully its righteous theme is seen in the scenes and the beans are tossed and lost in the seats 'tween feets and bits of spit slitting befittingly the whit from the wep its whet and get the lashes from the actress so she's fresh for the flash, it doesn't last it's past the pastor the bastard who beat her on meeting her challenge the chance for chess mates to checkmate to heck fate of late deflates the flats door mats where patrons in rating their ration of fashionable theatre a heater with the beater and the brother who smothers with affections and afflictions her addictions predictions of the predisturbed perturbed mind can't find the grind it winds and blows sowing to and fro the flow a river divers and wider a glider touching down rushing frowns and sigs the size of the crowd to loud it pounds and wounds the wounds at noon in the light of the moon a night at the crooner's den when friends and lovers uncover the mystery of the play's history it says nought of the dots and matrix cereal entrance surreal the royal queen in green is dead in bed unwed and unwashed unfloshed unfettered unflattered proposed the girl enrosed by this world she acts this part across the wall where they all sit in wait of it hating it some not dumb enthralled others feel tall and the ball is thrown for the prince's throne he stands to marry hands to Harry our dashing man ravishing fan who yells for her the heroine kvells the bedouin and fawn she's gone the falling curtain makes certain the end is the end.

[T3 - 29aug10]

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