08 August 2015


Synonyms are an interesting thing in that two words which are the same are really not.
“Quiet” lacks the static of “silence”,
As “unnerved” lacks the crinkle of “disquieted”.
“Laugh” is quite pedestrian beside “chuckle”, “titter”, “giggle”, “guffaw”, and “roar”;
Though “roar” can also be like “yell” or “bellow” or “shout”.
“Rain” can be a “downpour” or a “drizzle”,
And “sleep” can be “repose” or simply “rest”.
Though alike, they carry different weights and measures,
Different characters and tones.
There is “green”, but each shade has its own purpose on the painter's palette,
As each word has on the speaker's;
“Chartreuse” and “forest” and “olive” each color the world in its own way,
Just as the humans who created them.
All alike, yet unique.

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