09 August 2013

in memoriam Valerie Ford

She was called the Tie-Dye Queen, and
She was the one who put two I's in Isaiah.
She said nappies instead of diapers (and when
She said diapers she used three syllables) and
She got beet-red when we said bloody, as in bloody this and bloody that.
She lived in a house on a lot next to the church
She attended with us who loved the way
She read the scriptures and made announcements.
She sang in the choir and brought her rainstick.
She led the church ladies in crafting kits for kids, and
She compelled us to turn in our blunt scissors.
She was called the Tie-Dye Queen because
She tie-dyed anything the dye would take to.
She tie-dyed tablecloths and tapestries;
She tie-dyed clothing pieces and pastors. In this way,
She coloured her world. You could say (and should say)
She coloured her world with much more than mere dye.
She brought humour and wit and grace as
She brought life to our church and community.
She was a bringer of life and the spirit.
She will be missed. Lord, will
She be missed! as we continue in this world
She made so much brighter by her presence. Indeed,
She will be missed and remembered, knowing
She carries on in heaven now, and it should not surprise us if
She tie-dyes the very clouds to red green blue yellow orange purple and all
       the colours in between.
She was, after all, the Tie-Dye Queen.

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